Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This thing on?

Hmm. So maybe I should post here once in a while. Alas, most of my life involves Real Life, and not enough involves writing. In fact, writing has had to take a back seat to things like Earning a Living, as well as WTF Do You Mean I Almost Have Lupus? How Do You Almost Have Lupus? I'm still putting words on the page; I'm just not doing 18K words every week at the moment. Gimme time. With luck, I'll be a part-timer at ye olde day job within a few months, at which time I'll probably get fired because I'm home and writing all the time. But that's okay. It's writing. It's like breathing and sanity: generally necessary if one wants to function reliably in the world.

Meh. Must sleep. That's probably the most annoying part about Almost Lupus: I have to sleep more than I'd like, which cuts dearly into my valuable writing and knitting time. Not my housework time, fortunately. That never existed in the first place.

In case anyone actually reads this (and is wondering), angellula is the Latin feminine for "little angel." If my friggin' book series ever actually gets published, you'll have a chance to understand more.


  1. WTF Do You Mean I Almost Have Lupus?

    Is that like having some of the genes for Lupus but not all of them? Because if so, let's start a club. I'm in the same boat.

    In my case it results in me being allergic to pretty much all foods. I now take (wonderful, awesome, fantabulous) medicine that deals with most of the problem, however. I love my allergist.

  2. Eh, it's more along the lines of having a sizeable number of symptoms, but not enough signs (bloodwork, etc.) to support a full diagnosis. On the plus side, I'm in severe enough straits to warrant treatment. Really, the whole situation just boils down to, "Buh?"

    Ugh, you've got my sympathies. I was lucky enough to avoid the majority of food allergies. I've got some intolerances, but they're not even remotely the same. Glad you've got some medication and a good allergist! :)

  3. Yeah, I understand Lupus is a tricky one to diagnose. At least they're taking it seriously for you. I had a few years of G.I. people doing awful, uncomfortable tests on me and then insinuating I was a hypochondriac because they couldn't find anything wrong.

    Good luck with your treatments and I hope they find a regimen that makes life comfortable for you. I'm wildly grateful to have been handed something that works well for me.

  4. Thank you! :) I'm glad you're getting good treatment, too. (Now if someone could come up with a treatment for procrastination, I'd be set.)