Friday, May 30, 2008


Holy crap, I really was offline too long! Go and congratulate Colleen on making her first sale as an agent! Also, congratulate Alan on selling his book!

Excuses for being offline

I got the first round of editorial notes, and I think I'm coming to terms pretty well with gutting the series to reassemble. (+++ OUT OF CHEESE ERROR, REBOOT UNIVERSE +++) Part of me is doing its best impression of James Earl Jones in Revenge of the Sith, but the rest is ready to get on with it.

As for the other reasons I've been offline, a friend had a baby, who now requires a hand-knitted toy; my bathrooms are clean; I've been making revision notes; and I'm clearing out my yarn stash to determine what needs to be kept and what needs to be donated. I'm splitting the donate stack between the Mother Bear Project and my mum-in-law, who does crafts with the residents at an old folks' home. It's quite a sizeable stack. Sadly, even the "must keep" pile is nearly as large as I am.

Off to sort some more yarn. It helps me write, believe it or not. Now just to get my DVR, and....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Still Alive

There's not much going on right now, to be honest. I should have my editorial notes next week, which will help. I've mostly been dealing with lupus-or-whatever; it's affecting my fingers right now, which makes typing difficult. When I can finally get my hands on a digital voice recorder, things should improve--write now, transcribe later.

I've got a family reunion coming up in a couple of months. I suspect that being around a gaggle of second cousins I've never met, but who possibly all act exactly like every other member of my dad's family, will result in a few story ideas. Never mind that the reunion is taking place in a small town in southwest Oklahoma. I'm a little surprised we're not staging a raid on the state capitol to take back a piece of crocheted lace my grandmother made, and which is now a permanent fixture in the state gallery. Then, given that side of the family, half a dozen engineers and a case of beer will get together, and it'll probably deteriorate into madness.

Fortunately, I like madness.

The Import wants to go to Best Buy, so I'm going to point out restaurants on the way to see if I can get out of cooking. Can someone please give him a taste for Chinese food? I'm dying for a hit of eggplant and tofu in garlic sauce.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yesterday, I biked two miles after a couple of weeks of not being able to go out at all. Tonight, I did just over half of one, but that's because Oklahoma in May is prone to lightning.


I'm gonna go and work on my wiki. And maybe have a drink. Or some Vicodin. Yeah, Vicodin. That's the ticket.

Flabby, shapeless muscles for the lose.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This "work" thing is hard.

I'm barely into getting my information wiki-ed, and I'm already realising how much work still needs to be done on THotE. I'll have my editorial notes by the end of the weekend--I'm both looking forward to the great event and dreading it. With luck, Yon Agent and I shan't have too much in the way of head-butting with regards to her thoughts, but there are a few things I wouldn't mind being forced to justify. I'd do it myself, tonight, but it's two in the morning and I'm beat.

And a cat just stole my part of the bed. Sigh.

I'm going to go and curl up on the couch. Easier than battling the cute. Why, oh, why did I ever think it was a good idea to adopt three fuzzbutts? (Oh, yeah. Because I'm a big marshmallow where cats are concerned. My IQ drops perceptibly in their presence.)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Amazing new writing tool.

Via a comment posted on Fangs, Fur, & Fey, I got the idea to load up a desktop wiki to keep track of my writing universe(s). As it seemed like a fantastic idea, I downloaded and installed MoinMoin Desktop Edition.

I'm in love.

Still entering information, and it'll take ages to perfect, but it'll give my brain a handy crutch. I have a feeling I'll have to learn a little bit of programming (or at least Python) to make it do everything I want, but the interface is easy and very friendly, and the software is sleek. It's beautiful. I highly recommend it, and I'll be using it for other writing projects in future.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Still awaiting my editorial notes. Getting a bit frustrated. I'd like to have them by the end of the week so I can get into the thick of things. I essentially went cold turkey on novels, and it's really starting to wear on my nerves. Tonight, I wrote a two-page Unspoken Scene from book 1-2. It helped more than I expected, but at the same time Sam Vimes comes to mind: one drink is too many, and two aren't enough.

In other news, thanks to the price of, well, everything, I've decided to go low-tech and start cooking my own staples. With the help of my KitchenAid mixer, bread is phenomenally simple and fast to make. I usually bake two to four loaves a week because they're smaller than commercial loaves. It's all very economically sound; a five-pound bag of flour is cheaper than a loaf of bread. Lean dough--flour, yeast, salt, water--bakes up tasty and nutritious, and is exceedingly flexible. Mmm, kalamata olives.

Going to get to bed. Doctor's appointment in the morning. Time to see what the lupus-or-whatever is doing. I foresee bloodloss and much prodding.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


New layout. Yes? No?

Friday, May 02, 2008

She's Famous!

The Online Writing Workshop currently features an interview with my agent, Colleen Lindsay. Go! Read! Laugh! Cry! Eat popcorn!