Saturday, September 06, 2008


Gettin' itchy to finish the book. For the first time in about five or six years, I'm fairly relaxed and have enough room to breathe. (House is still a mess, but c'est la vie.) It feels weird to have time to keep myself sane and (relatively) healthy. I need bone-crushing work!

Tonight is my monthly knitting and drinking night. Woo! I shall have a Harvey Wallbanger, and at IHOP, I'm getting pancakes. Strawberry, of course.


  1. Okay so I have to ask...does the drinking affect the outcome of the knitting?

    Sorry to hear about the car. Car stuff is never fun. you shell out a ton of money and really nothing to show for it. Uggh.

  2. Alcohol affects knitting some, but for some reason, I can knit drunk. I wouldn't try it on a serious project, but I've never dropped a stitch, and I've even managed some pretty complicated mental math whilst Wallbanged. Go figure.

    We're going to call on the Power of In-Laws over the car. I just hope mine's not as expensive to fix. We'll see. At least the Import's car will be salable if we get the AC fixed. One of the two will get traded in toward something newer once we're in a slightly stable financial position (ie, when I've found a part-time job).