Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Remind me never to be between jobs again.

Yesterday, I was supposed to clean up the kitchen. Instead, I spent the whole day with my parents' fax machine, calling back and forth between my doctor's office and the state unemployment office. My doc's office sent everything they needed to in order to show that my old job was really, genuinely damaging me... and the state refused it because it bore a signature statement rather than a physical signature. *sigh* Fortunately, it's all straightened out now.

Today, as I am still awaiting revision notes (and twitching not to just use my own occasionally faulty judgement and dive straight in), I have to clean house. I also have to get a second litter box. Do I go to Waldemart and spend four bucks, or Southern Ag and spend seven? (We get HUGE litter boxes. Baby is 14 pounds, Aldous is 20, and Crowley's going to be comparable once we get him fattened up.) Eh, Southern Ag has the canned food Baby and Aldous like, so I might just go there. Support local business and all that good stuff.

On the job front, at the end of summer, the completely awesome bookstore a mile from my house will be hiring, and I think I've got a good chance of getting in at 20-30 hours a week, including weekends. I won't get to see the Import as much as I'd like, but the shop's hours are VERY reasonable, and I'd be happy working there, which is a huge improvement over what I'm coming from. Hence, unless something utterly amazing comes along, I think I'll just work on edits this summer, get the house whipped into shape, and recuperate from a very prolonged and stressful situation.

In short, I'm blogging when I should be vacuuming. Or something. Eh, I'll figure it out.

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