Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's the Great Omen, Charlie Brown!

When the frost is on the punkin
And the comet fills the sky
And the Great Pumpkin Empire rises
Then you and I will die.

This has been running through my head all frickin' day. I think it's a sign that not only is Halloween near, but I haven't remotely reached my fill of horror movies. While I'm sure Charles Schultz would have a coronary at the idea of the Great Pumpkin rising to signal the end of the world, it makes perfect sense to me. Seriously, has anyone ever checked Linus for birthmarks? He's a weird little kid at the best of times. There's no telling what he's really up to.

Must get back to editing. I'm under orders to take my time so I don't work myself to death (literally), but I want to get through the stuff that works so I can meander along with everything that doesn't.

The medication seems to be doing something. Not a lot yet, and it'll take another few weeks to really work, but I ran errands today and don't feel ready to die. I've put all my bras in the washer to ensure that I don't leave the house again, but I'm still human. This is definitely a good thing. Now if the mould spore would just die forever....

Off to work!

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