Sunday, January 04, 2009

Strange New Experiences

Yesterday at work, I did something I'd never done before: almost single-handedly, I stretched a king-sized quilting frame. It took seven hours, but apparently, it never takes that long again. Really, it's just a puzzle based on how a quilt fits together (backing, batting, top), and one HELL of a lot of pinning. I think after a few more tries, I'll be able to do it in about an hour--less on a smaller quilt. No, it wasn't for a quilt. We keep one stretched to demo the long-arm quilting machine, and stretching plain fabric was trying enough. Maybe next time I'll be ready to try on a quilt top.

In other news, I've got some actual time off (apart from a vet appointment, a doc appointment, an emergency run to work to fix something I forgot about yesterday, and a work meeting at the crack of dawn on Wednesday). Hence, I'm going to finish editing a story (I hope), get a LOT of sleep, maybe play some computer games, and try one more time to cast on a new knitting project. I have a sneaking feeling I'm going to get at least one cortisone shot on Tuesday, which will probably floor my chances of doing anything productive, but until then, I'm goofing my butt off. Mmm, goofing off. These 40-hour-plus weeks? Not exactly conducive to creativity.

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