Sunday, November 02, 2008

Looking up.

I managed to play Wii Fit for the first time in more than three weeks tonight. I'm exhausted for it, but it's not the hideous, crippling, agonised exhaustion I've had lately. I'm not even sore, though that could be due to the 100mg of Ultram I necked back earlier. I need to take another 100mg before bed so I can manage at work tomorrow. Still, improvement is improvement. Huzzah for methotrexate!

This tune may change tomorrow night, mind. I ramp up to full maintenance dose, and may spend Election Day hugging a bucket. It won't be nearly enough to keep me away from my polling place, but I suspect my watch party will involve pizza, OJ punch, and MSNBC. (OJ punch is just orange juice--sometimes with pineapple and/or mango--mixed with Sprite and a dash of Rose's lime juice. It's nummy, and downright healthy if you use Sprite Zero.)

Going to finish reading a chapter on LLTD, then get some sleep.

Also? Finished the last three eps of the most recent series of Doctor Who. OMG so, so good. I was very nearly crying by the end. If a mysterious blue box ever lands in front of my house, well, expect these posts to get a lot more interesting.

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