Monday, August 18, 2008

The S-Word

I've got a particular, um, steamy scene that I'd like to retain as fully as possible. However, nothing that actually happens in the midst of the scene is, well, critical to the plot, apart from the fact that it does happen. Do I keep it, or do I edit it to bare bones? As it stands, it's good. It's probably one of the more evocative love scenes I've ever written. However, there are more important things to deal with, such as, oh, I dunno, THE PLOT.

What do I do? Anyone? Bueller? Should I retain it for now? It's going to hurt if I have to remove this one.

Must run. Have an appointment across town in half an hour. Thank Elvis for highways.


  1. IMHO you should keep it. If it comes down to the choice later, sweat it then. Revisions and editing can take the blame down the road if you have to cut it.

    If I knew you better, I would actually make some lewd suggestions about this post, based on that last one! You are SOOOO lucky that I have a social filter (you would NEVER look at IHOP the same way again)!!!!!

    I wish I had found your blog BEFORE CONestoga (yes, I was there...go look at my blog)!

    :) Terri

  2. I'm with the other comment! If it's that difficult for you, leave it for now, love it, dote on it, and focus on chopping down the rest of the story first. Postponing difficult decisions = win, especially if there's a possibility you won't have to struggle with the decision later on if everything goes well.

  3. Does it move the story forward at all? Does it give us greater insight to one or more characters? Can you tie it to the plot any more? Even if you aren't sure, I'd vote to leave it in for now. Look at it again with fresh eyes during revisions.

  4. I say keep it. I figure, sometimes a scene doesn't progress a story so much as to change the pace. And nothing changes the pace like a steamy scene.

  5. Yep, me, too. I'm with the majority. I don't think the steamy scene needs to be critical to the plot, but it does have to pertain to it, and flow with the story. If you can reveal some things about your characters during the scene, like internal motivations, thoughts, traits, relationship development, etc. . . then the scene does serve a purpose. Ya know?