Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yes, it worked! Not that it's actually working. Stupid technology. Stupid heatwave.

Just had a mental discussion with myself regarding one of my characters. "Hmm. He's an alcoholic. What about other drugs? Marijuana was available then--Wait, what am I saying? This guy's not laid-back enough to know what toking is. Thousand pound a day coke habit, though? Totally."

Ladies and gentlemen, the inside of my head after I've been watching reruns of House.


  1. You know, if you ever have any questions about that type of thing or the lifestyle, I have a very knowledgeable source. He's happy to be open about the details or generalities.

  2. I'm good for now, thanks. :) I might have some questions for a couple of other projects in future, though. This was just a matter of mental gymnastics--what addictive substances would my characters be most likely to go in for? In one case, it's blood. Imagine my joy.

    In my main character's case? It's chocolate. He's already well on his way to hopeless addiction. I'm pretty sure his idea of paradise involves Willy Wonka.