Thursday, June 26, 2008

Starting day three....

In the last 72 hours, I've managed maybe--MAYBE--eight hours of shuteye. This insomnia hits every summer when the mould spore spikes, but it's not normally this bad. Going to try and get something for it tomorrow. I need this mess straightened out at least somewhat before Saturday, because I'm meeting NEIL FUCKING GAIMAN.

Not that "Fucking" is his middle name. According to Wikipedia, it's Richard (which, coincidentally, is my dad's name). But you get the point.

I've had my ticket since April. I'm in the third row for the screening of Beowulf, I have access to the early signing, and I'm going to the post-movie reception. (I splurged on my mad money portion of this year's tax return.) There is no effing way I'm missing this thing due to my immune system's eccentricities. If I have to down a bottle of sherry to knock myself out, well, it's probably a good thing I only buy the small bottles.

Due to the lack of sleep, editing is going very, very slowly because I don't trust my judgement right now. OTOH, knitting is going amazingly well, apart from the lace scarf I tried to start tonight, only for Crowley to jump into my lap and accidentally pull the needle loose. No big. He needed cuddles anyway. I did finish a Victorian-era shawl this evening. The Import thinks it's hideous (it's light grey, with medium grey edging), but I love it to death. My mom, alas, will very likely find a way to claim it for herself. I may have to make another one to fend her off. Keep in mind, the lace scarf is for her. I'm fairly sure any additional claims she lays are payback for the crap I gave her as a child.

All right. I'm terminally awake, so I'm going to be productive. In other words, let's hear it for PBS, Nova, and DVR technology.


  1. I feel for you! I have the kind of insomnia that lets me fall asleep real easy, then wakes me up at 3am and keeps me up. I have a prescription for it, but that sucks...cuz now I can't sleep without it.

    Have fun on Saturday!

  2. NEIL F'ING GAIMAN! Henceforth, you are my hero, S.E. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve. It'd go something like this:

    "Hi, you're Neil Gaiman."

    "Yes. I am."

    "Hee, hee. You're Neil Gaiman."

    "Er, yes, I believe we just established that."

    "oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. . ."

    You must tell us all about it when you get back!!!

  3. Ingrid: Ugh, I know that kind well. :( I'm usually okay, but every summer, boom. Insomnia. My doctor is awesome, fortunately, and got me some happy sleep pills. Knocked me right out. I'm going to take another one in a few to try and regulate my schedule a bit.

    Kelly: HEE! Ohh, you've just described this coming Saturday. If my brain doesn't turn to complete mush, I'll remember to ask about his demon tomatoes, but I'll probably pull something very similar to the Cat Proximity Graph from XKCD. "YOU'RE A NEIL!"