Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweet Elvis!

This morning, I finished knitting a linen string bag (ie, a glorified fishing net) in the middle of Panera. Don't ask what I was doing awake at seven in the morning, much less in a Panera. Anyway. The bag didn't look all that big; it's only 160 stitches around, which isn't much for lace weight yarn, even if I doubled it and used proportionately ginormous needles (sz. 10.5, aka 6.5mm). So I took my new bag, along with my other two trusty sidekicks, to Whole Foods to pick up some soy-based goodness.

I kid you not, my string bag took about forty pounds of groceries and demanded more. There were no more, at least not in my bank account. I could fit a king-sized comforter in that thing if I wanted to. Its in the washer right now, losing both sizing and attitude, though I wouldn't lay money on the attitude. As much as I'd like another one, I'm a little afraid they would breed and engulf the world in the deceptive depths of a million little string bags.

We'll see what I want to do when I finish the other half-dozen projects I've got on the needles. *shifty look*

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