Friday, March 14, 2008


Dear ancient Semites,

Why, oh, why did you have to create a feminine/masculine language family? I need a neuter personal pronoun. Namely, I need subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive forms of a neuter personal pronoun that doesn't sound stupid. Latin is great, but the only way to create a reflexive is to add ipso--as in id ipso--and it's hard enough to make the nominative and genitive look normal without going to a contraction like idipso. (Lets not even get into the logistics of changing "his/its" to eius.)

So, yes. Hebrew language, thou hast failed me. And modern English, you don't work, either. As much as I like zhir, etc., it just won't work in this context, nor will a singular "they." And I am not going to use "it." An angel is not a table lamp. They're not getting the same personal pronoun.

Still more love than you deserve,



Dear ancient Romans,

Can't you people speak bloody English?

Again, more love than you deserve,


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