Friday, March 21, 2008


Dear books,

I know I asked you to start sucking again, but you didn't have to take me so thoroughly at my word. Sigh.

Times like this, I look forward to butchering you.

Still too much love,



In other news, on Monday, I shall have two new bookcases in my office. Time to de-clutter the whole house, I think. Lemme catch up on tidying, and I'll get my friend K to come over and do her Magical Ebay Thing to everything I own.

Speaking of which, another chapter or so, and I need to get to cleaning for the day. Yay. Still, not as bad as it could be. I kinda like this hausfrau thing, at least as long as 4/5ths of the day goes to writing, editing, and the tearing of hair and garments.

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