Monday, March 24, 2008


Finished my synopsis, and now I need to give Yon Agent a chance to read it and come up with some suggestions. This is harder than you'd think, especially since I'm not supposed to get into any major new projects. (We're havin' words about that at some point, Colleen. :P) Since finishing the synopsis, I've revised a 70-something page novelette, submitted it for feedback in my Secret Hidey-Hole, aaaand realised that a story I wanted to submit to Glimmer Train is already on submission at Intergalactic Medicine Show. It's got some language issues that really can't be changed (historical context), so I doubt Edmund will take it. Was worth a shot, though.

At this rate, I'm going to have to clean house. Or call around to find someone to mow my lawn this summer. Or clean house. Would help if Staples would get here with my shiny new bookcases. I've been up for hours, and no sign of them yet. I hope. There's a chance I dozed off and slept through it. Dreamt I heard some knocking. I'd better check that.

Wanted: bookcases, and a new project that won't get me in trouble. Please send suggestions and office furnishings to....

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